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Just Like at a recent wedding…
…A Congratulations is in order why?...

Because I love you… lol
But on a more serious note..

IT TAKES DRIVE to get to where I needed to be in life..ok ask any grate celebrity who’s ever been successful in life.. They have made Far more mistakes the achievements in the modern perception of judgment that perhaps some people may think.

But not in my mind…
Not in our mind…

And I’ll be damned if any one who is Currently successful will decided to believe that they weren’t successful in just Failing, no matter how many times they fall we always get back up.

And it’s that Willingness that drive to change Something simply because we CANT STAND to just leave Life just How it is.

We need to make life better not just for ourselves but for generations to come, we need to grow, and we need to do whatever it takes to make this happen because if you don’t…

Then what.


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If your in a Shell...


How i Broke out of My Shell… 

Its Time To relate - what I’ve realised during my life is that when you stick two people in a room that have nothing in common one of two things are going to happen…
1. they find that there individual lives are Both interesting and decide to good Friends or Lifetime partners. or

2. Theirs grate Tension in the Air... after an Argumentative debate over matters that they just couldn’t quite come to terms with because after all… Every bodies Different, Every bodies unique, and everyone Decides what they Choose to Believe.

How to Brake out of Your Shell
Expression the Art of conveying Who you are whether it be through a Story, painting, Video or other Wise.
As the Video (if Your in a Shell) Hints "To be so still when your Young means a lot of pent up Energy”
Personally the way I Came out of my shell was like this… Yes i surrounded my self around people that Picked me up not knocked me down.
I Deliberately Willingly put myself in situations where i had to Speak, had to Cry had to laugh.
Then I became part of a Team who's Promising Empowerment! through community and Self Development Training Videos.. I take this Seriously After all “You only Live Once” Then and Only then did i fully Burst out of my shell and is now Currently Pursuing my Dream to Live on the Beaches of the World…

Join Us Brake out of Your Shell and Become Part of Our team of Empowered entrepreneurs who invest in more than just our Bank Account…

- But in Ourselves 

Your invited Click this Link Provided to Here More:


Its Never to late to think Like a Kid 

Olan Rogers… In my opinion One of the most Entertaining speakers of all time heck I’ve Watched so many of his Vlogging Videos that at one point i even Started to Sound like him.. Seriously.
Why, Its Inspiration! the Driving force for all Creativity, one leads buy example to Show everybody ells whats Possible! And in the End… a Community is Born of Empowered Individuals ready to "Empower the World". 

To Most people its not just about making money Online, but having the Opportunity to Create a Lifestyle Completely Buy there own design ……Completely Buy there own Choice of Experience.

Think about it.. Imaging it… Having that Experience thats worth More than a Thousand words. I personally could relate to most people Who already know what those Experiences feel like...
"Those are the Days to Create, Those are the Experiences that i strive for."

If you were moved buy this True Underdog Story… Check out this next One on how this Once Homeless man Living in his Van Created his Lifestlye of his Dreams…

- And has Chosen Today to share his Secret With the World.

Click this Link to here his Story


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